Online Transfer Workshops

We now have many workshops available online for SRJC students. Please see the descriptions below. Parents are welcome to view Transfer Basics for Parents at the bottom of the page.

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Grade Point Average

Letter Grade

The grades you earn are a critical part of the transfer process. Many schools and/or majors require students have a certain GPA to be accepted. Therefore, your goal is to earn the highest grades possible to ensure the opportunity to apply to as many schools and programs as you desire. Although a C grade is passing, it will bring your GPA down and it always takes time to bring the GPA back up.

Major Preparation


As a transfer student it is extremely important that you are prepared for your major. The universities want you to go directly into upper division courses for your major. Many students are told to "Go to the JC for two years and just complete GE." Although, GE is an important part of your education it is not what the focus should be for certain majors. Sign

Choosing a University

Clock Tower

Choosing a university takes time and work. It is important that you research and visit your top campuses. You want to make sure the university not only has your academic program, but ensure that it is a "fit" for you and your needs. Each university program is unique based on the curriculum designed by the faculty at that university. The location, setting and culture of each campus are among the other elements that can determine whether you will thrive at a given school or not.