Dr. George Sellu #ProjectTransfer

george sellu photo
U of Sierra Leone, UC Davis

Position: Faculty, Agriculture and Natural Resources

B.S. Agriculture/Soil Science from University of Sierra Leone, West Africa

M.S. Agriculture from UC Davis

Ph.D. Agricultural Science from UC Davis

Also attended: Contra Costa College

1. How did you decide to attend your college/university?

Advice from Counselors, advice from instructors, recommendations from other students

2. How did you afford college/university?

I could not afford college, therefore I had to work part-time while I was in school. I applied for a lot of scholarships and grants while I was in school.

3. What was unique about the college/university you attended?

  • There were a lot of student clubs that provided support for different groups of students
  • At Contra Costa College, there was a Center for Science Excellence that provided a space for students   
  • To interact and get support from other students and faculty
  • At UC Davis, there were opportunities at to interact with graduate students, researchers and faculty with regard to career opportunities  

4. Did you have any experiences transferring?

I did not formally transfer from a community college to a four year institution. I went to a four year university first, and returned to a community college after graduating from a university.

5. What kinds of jobs did you get after graduation?

After graduation, I worked as a field technician collecting soil samples for a lab. After a 6 months of driving around collecting samples, I realized I did not enjoy the job and I enrolled at Contra Costa College. I discovered my love for teaching other students when I worked as a tutor in the Mathematics lab at Contra Costa College.

In order to pursue a teaching credential, I needed to take some exams to become a substitute teacher and subsequently enroll in a teacher preparation program. I took a job in retail to allow me the flexibility to take the exams and classes required to be a substitute teacher.

I served as a science substitute teacher in Richmond, California for a year and later earned a teaching credential. I served as a high school science teacher in Richmond for two years before proceeding to graduate school.   

6. How did you discover you current position?

I heard about my current job through friends and colleagues that were my college classmates. Some of them were already in the community college system and they encouraged me to apply for the position.

7. What do you love about your field?

What I like most about my job is the ability to be a part of helping students discover their career path and navigating the college system to achieve their goals.

8. Do you have any tips for transfer-bound students?

  • Build a network and a support system
  • Talk to counselors and faculty who are familiar with your transfer institution
  • Visit the campus before you transfer
  • Talk to students who are in there first year of transfer from your college to your transfer institution