Dr. Heidi Saleh #ProjectTransfer

Dr. Heidi Saleh
U of Texas, Berkeley

Position: Faculty, Art History

B.A. Archaeological Studies & Anthropology from University of Texas at Austin

M.A. Egyptian Art & Archaeology from UC Berkeley

Ph.D. Egyptian Art & Archaeology from UC Berkeley

1. How did you decide to attend your college/university?

I was drawn to Berkeley for its strong academic reputation and its tolerant and diverse culture.  I always dreamed of going there!

2. How did you afford college/university?

I was fortunate enough to get an academic scholarship for the 1st year; then when I arrived at Cal, I worked diligently with the fellowship office to find  options to help me pay for graduate school.  I was awarded the Jacob Javits Fellowship from the US Department of Education that supported me for 4 years.  Beyond that I worked as a Graduate Student Instructor, which waived my tuition fees and gave me a basic income.

3. What was unique about the college/university you attended? 

Berkeley is a place like no other.  It’s the whole world encapsulated in a university filled with some of the most brilliant and influential minds in the world.  As a Berkeley student, you’re constantly challenged to think differently and look at the world around you from a different angle. 

4. Did you have any experiences transferring?

Personally, I do not; but I have family members that didn’t get into their 1st choice university, then transferred right into their 1st choice, top-tier university afterwards.  Success stories!

5. What kinds of jobs did you get after graduation?

Upon graduation, I completed a museum internship, then jumped right into a College teaching position.

6. How did you discover you current position?

I discovered my current position at a job fair.  I worked closely with the Career Center at Cal to help me find a job after graduation.  They alerted me to a job fair of California Community Colleges to be held in San Francisco.  I went and that was the 1st time that I learned about SRJC.  I was impressed with the College and its programs, so I applied for a job.

7. What do you love about your field?

I love art history because it’s a field of study that enables one to see patterns and trends that link humanity.  You learn that as different as people are from various regions and historical periods, most of us share the same fears and aspirations.

8. Do you have any tips for transfer-bound students?

Seek out and use the resources provided for you in your college or university.  Whether it’s the Transfer Center, Writing Center, Career Center, Scholarship/Fellowship office, there are experts at each institution waiting to help students materialize their goals and dreams. But these experts can’t help you if you don’t go to them.