Nick H. #ProjectTransfer

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Sociology Student @ SSU

Nick H.

Sociology, Sonoma State University

How many schools did you apply to?

I only applied to SSU.

How would you describe yourself as a student?

Focused, motivated, and eager to learn.  After taking a few years off from school, I returned with a desire to make the most of my experience, and to utilize all the resources made available to me.  

What was the most difficult about the transfer admissions process? 

Understanding all the requirements and ensuring that I had completed everything was nerve wracking!  I checked in with SRJC counselors often to make sure that I was ready, as well as what steps I needed to take once enrolled at SSU to fulfill my GE requirements. 

What were you prepared for?

I felt very prepared for the workload associated with each of my courses.  I felt as though many of the courses I took at SRJC more than prepared me for what the difficulty and study time needed would be for my courses at Sonoma State.

What did a counselor or the Transfer Center prepare you for that was useful?

The best advice I received from a counselor was to reach out and ask for help as much as possible once on my new campus.  I formed relationships with professors, fellow students, and campus faculty, which proved to be extremely helpful as I transitioned and throughout my two years at SSU.  I noticed that the students who were not shy about asking questions and asking for help were some of the more academically successful students. 

What information would have been useful to know beforehand?

I was not ready for the fact that SSU did not have dedicated counselors.  Upon arriving on campus, I took for granted the ability to drop in at SRJC and take time to work through transcripts, courses, etc.  At Sonoma State, professors double as advisors, and the sessions are typically limited to 10 minutes!  This was a huge adjustment for me! 

How does SSU compare to SRJC? What’s similar? What’s different?

The workload and difficulty of classes at Sonoma State was very similar to SRJC.  Also, the population of students, and the ability to become involved in extracurricular activities felt familiar to my experience at SRJC. 

The counseling and advising experience was one of the main differences between SRJC and Sonoma.  I found there were more opportunities to expand on what we discussed in lecture; whether it be further discussion, volunteer opportunities, or applying to my work, and I enjoyed that aspect of Sonoma State. 

Do you have any transfer tips for SRJC students?

Utilize your resources, and form relationships with as many people as possible!  Understanding where I could seek help for different issues, academic or otherwise was important, especially during my first few months on a new campus.  If there was a situation where I needed assistance, I asked for it! 

During my first semester, I met with each of my professors during their office hours to introduce myself.  This was beneficial during my senior year, as I was given an opportunity to be a Research Assistant and a Teacher’s Assistant for multiple professors, which were some of my most rewarding experiences at Sonoma State.