Language Other Than English (LOTE)

Students completing the IGETC sequence to transfer to a UC school can meet the LOTE requirement in the following ways:

  1. One of these courses at SRJC: ASL 1[F96]; FREN 1; GERM 1; HEBREW 1; ITAL 1; SPAN 1, 40, 41. Completion of an advanced course, such as FREN 2 or SPAN 3, validates proficiency and can be used to clear this area.
  2. Two years of high school coursework in one language other than English with a final term grade of “C-” or better. High school transcripts must be on file in Admissions and Records.
  3. Satisfactory score for a language other than English on the SAT II , AP exam, or IB Higher Level Exam
  4. Language other than English International “A” level exam (score of 5, 6, or 7) or “O” level exam (grade of A, B, or C)
  5. Defense Language Institute language other than English course passed with “C” or higher on the official transcript
  6. Two years of formal schooling at the sixth grade level or higher with grades of “C” or better in an institution where the language of instruction is not English*
  7. Satisfactory completion of an achievement test administered by a community college, university or other college*

*If you attended school in another country and/or you would like a qualified faculty member to verify competency in a language other than English, please use this form.

NOTE: Faculty assessments are available for languages that current SRJC faculty speak, read, and write. As such, there may be languages that we cannot provide an assessment for.