Transfer Success Pathway: Dual Admission to the CSU

Transfer Success Pathway: Dual Admission to the CSU

You could be eligible for a dual admission program that may be able to increase your chance of pursuing your bachelor’s degree at one of the 23 CSU campuses.

Do you meet the following criteria?

- First-time college freshman who was not CSU-eligible at high school graduation or unable to attend a CSU due to financial/personal reasons that redirected you to SRJC?

If so, you could be guaranteed admission* into a CSU by doing the following:

- Complete transfer requirements within three years

- Specify CSU campus and major at the time of writing the TSP agreement

- Meet transfer requirements according to your campus of choice, including: transferable GPA, major pre-requisites, and major pre-requisites GPA

Interested? You must opt-in between August 1-September 30 of your freshman year of college. Get started by speaking with a Counselor and starting your CSU Transfer Planner – or to learn more, visit:

*Campuses may limit the number of students they can accept into the agreement if a major is impacted. Not all majors are available for TSP.