Transfer Basics

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Being a transfer student means that you are beginning your bachelor's degree right here at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Here is some helpful information about how it works:

1. Transfer 101: The Transfer Center offers a Transfer 101 workshop that covers the A to Z of the transfer process. You should attend this workshop before meeting with a counselor because it will help you develop questions. Click here for our calendar of in-person workshops or view the workshop online here.

2. COUN 80: SRJC offers a course to help students understand the transfer process. Read about it here

3. Major Preparation: Learn all about preparing for your major here.  

3. General Education: Our General Education page has details on education patterns for transfer students. Review the information and make an appointment with a counselor to finalize your education plan as soon as possible.

4. Articulation: Articulation is the process that ensures the classes you take at Santa Rosa Junior College will be credited toward your bachelor's degree requirements when you enter a university.  Here are more details about articulation.

5. Grades: Your overall academic performance, as measured by your grade point average (GPA), is another factor in being admitted to a university and earning your degree. There are minimum GPAs set for transfer students that vary slightly by system or institution. Here's a breakdown of how to calculate your transferrable GPA.