Pathways to Universities (Articulation)

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Articulation is the process that ensures the classes you take at Santa Rosa Junior College will be credited toward your bachelor's degree requirements when you enter a university.  

Articulation agreements are formal, written, and published documents that describe which coursework from SRJC are accepted as comparable to or in lieu of coursework at the university. Some articulation agreements are "course-to-course agreements", meaning that they show a specific course from one institution and the comparable specific course from another. Other articulation agreements are "major agreements", meaning that they show a group of courses that are acceptable to fulfill an entire set of requirements for major preparation. 

For example, Psych 1A at SRJC is articulated as Psych 250 at SSU. So, if you take Psych 1A at SRJC you will not be required to take Psych 250 at SSU because the SRJC course is comparable to the SSU course. Sonoma State mascot logo

If you are planning to transfer to a school in the University of California or California State University systems you can utilize to research which courses at SRJC are articulated with courses at these four-year universities. If you are transferring to an independent California University or Out-of-State University, you will need to do additional research to see which classes at SRJC have already been articulated or will be accepted as a comparable course. You can start your search by visiting the SRJC Articulation website.

If there is no articulation between the school you want to transfer to and SRJC, you will need to conduct additional research. A good place to start is on the campuses website under Admissions, click on information for transfer students to learn what coursework is required of transfer students. For the step by step process please see the Out of State link on the Transfer Center website.