UCD Tag selective Major Requirement

Aerospace Science and Engineering MAJOR REQUIREMENTS

College of Engineering
  • Requires overall transferable GPA 3.50

Complete the following courses and maintain a 3.50 GPA in the entire group of courses.

UCD Courses SRJC Courses

Chemistry 2A

Chemistry 2B

Chemistry 3A and 3AL

Chemistry 3B

Engineering 4

Engineering 6 

Engineering 17

Engineering 35

Engineering 45

Engineering 25

Engineering 6 

Engineering 16

Engineering 34

Engineering 45

Math 21A

Math 21B

Math 21C

Math 21D

Math 22A

Math 22B

Math 1A

Math 1B

Math 1C

Math 1C

Math 5

Math 2

Physics 9A

Physics 9B

Physics 9C

Physics 40

Physics 41

Physics 42

Communication 1


Engineering 3

Communication 1


No Course Articulated

English 3


University Writing Program 1

English 1B


English 1A