Transfer students need to complete the equivalents of eight courses from the following list with a GPA in those courses of 2.8 or better:

USCS Courses SRJC Courses
BME 80G/Phil 80G* No Course Articulated
Biol 20A Bio 2.1

Chem 1A

Chem 1B

Chem 1C

Chem 3A and 3AL

Chem 3B

Chem 8A Chem 12A
Chem 8B Chem 12B
Math 19A Math 1A
Math 19B Math 1B
AM 10 Math 5

Biomolecular Engineering May Also Count Any of the Following:

Phys 5A Phys 40
Phys 5B Phys 41
BME 21L Bio 2.1
AM 20 Math 2

Bioinformatics Concentration May Also Count Any of the Following:

CSE 13S No Course Articulated
CSE 16 Math 4
CSE 30 CS 10C (Minimum grade of B required)

*Phil 7 or 12 at SRJC can meet this requirement if taken prior to registering at UCSCĀ 

Although not required for admission, transfer students are strongly recommended to complete at least ten courses from the above list if they wish to graduate in two years. Students with fewer than 10 transferable courses may find it difficult to complete the major in only two more years.

Note: There may be additional courses not required for a TAG or admissions that are recommended prior to transfer to ensure timely graduation. See the UCSC TAG Major Preparation Selection Criteria.