Updates and Supplementals

In January, you will be returning to your CSU and UC applications to update your fall grades and confirm your spring course schedule. If you were unable to register in a class at SRJC that is required for your major, you need to inform the campuses of your situation. On the UC application, provide a brief explanation in the "Additional Comments" section. Here's an example, "I applied to the Biomedical Engineering major at UC Davis which requires I complete the equivalent to Bio 2A, however, my community college, Santa Rosa Junior College, only offered two sections of the equivalent course with 12 seats each and I was unable to register in the class." The UC's did inform the SRJC Transfer Center that their expectation for selective majors is all required coursework will be completed by the end of spring 2021 and if you were unable to register in a required course at SRJC they recommend you try to register in the class at another California Community College. They will take information provided in the Additional Comments section under consideration. The CSU application does not allow for written comments; therefore, you will need to contact each campus you applied to in order to inform them of your situation. Again, this is only for required courses

Besides the CSU/UC application update, some campuses and/majors will require a campus specific supplemental application, often due in January. Typically, this information will be emailed to you and/or listed under "tasks" in your campus portal. Below is sampling of schools that require a supplemental: 

  • UC Berkeley
  • San Diego State
  • CSU Long Beach
  • CSU Fullerton
  • San Jose State

Certain campuses may also require a supplemental application, portfolio, interviews, and auditions based on your major. We recommend you check the website for your major at each campus to determine if there is any additional application materials that you need to submit. Here are some examples of majors that typically require additional information:

  • Nursing
  • Dietetics/Nutrition
  • Architecture
  • Art (a portfolio)
It is critical that you complete tasks by deadlines set by each campus or your admissions may be jeopardized.